The Inflation Reduction Act is turbocharging Michigan’s economy, positioning it as a solar and EV powerhouse.

$20.23 Billion investments in new clean energy projects.

119,853 new clean energy Jobs in Michigan.

With 167,000 new jobs in the next 10 years.

The Michigan auto industry is pushing clean energy inside and out.

Clean energy will power the manufacturing of EVs, which auto companies have embraced.

Ford plants are set to run on 100% clean power by 2025.

Ford will be producing 50% EVs by 2030.

GM will produce 100% EVs by 2035, fully phasing out gas-powered models.

Stellantis brands are pushing toward 50% EV sales in the US and 100% EV sales in Europe by 2030.

That’s what it means to be Michigan Powered. But there’s more to do and we’re going to do it, together.